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    Technology 18 October 2016

    Deploying Technology to Grow Micro-Enterprises in India: Evidence From Urban Gujarat

    Need excerpt

    by Keren Nazareth, Vishakha Pandit
    Education and Skills 30 September 2014

    Newly Trained Youth in India

    A community-based organization, Saath, has developed a program to give young people a supportive network and the soft skills they need to manage their transition from the informal sector to a new, formal sector job.

    by Keren Nazareth, Irbaaz Sheikh
    Education and Skills 20 September 2014

    Youth Skills and Aspirations in India

    India needs livelihood- and skills-building programs that will help young people realize both their aspirations and the need for a more skilled workforce.

    by Keren Nazareth

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