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12 January



Technology and the Future of Work (FoW): Artificial Intelligence

The world economy is witnessing massive transformation in the way it organizes production, consumption, and trade. These changes are rooted in a confluence of multiple and mutually reinforcing innovations in technology. As firms reimagine products and processes and workers become increasingly intertwined with digital tools, the world of work is being redefined once again.

This brief presents key findings from global research on automation, digital labor platforms, and the world of work— with a specific focus on issues confronting the Global South— and shows that while the emergence of platforms represents an opportunity for job-centered development in the Global South given the large incidence of informality in these economies, local conditions have an impact on the relationship between platforms and job quality.   

This brief is authored by Ramiro Albrieu and published by the JustJobs Network and Red Sur, with support from International Development Research Centre (IDRC Canada). 


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