Building Civil Society Capacity for Evidence-Based Campaigns

27 June 2017

JJN collaborates with partners to develop a step-by-step guide to strengthen civil society campaigns for just job creation in supply chains.

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In an attempt to better understand global supply chains and their effect on employment and working conditions, the JustJobs Network, the Olof Palme International Center and LO – the Swedish Trade Union Confederation have initiated a new partnership. This collaboration will support civil society partners in familiarising themselves with facts about global supply chains in a rapidly transforming global economy.

The way small electronics, apparel and other consumer goods are produced, delivered and marketed has changed considerably. Production stages have become fragmented across national borders and production networks are becoming increasingly complex. These developments have important implications for the quality and quantity of employment, making it imperative to understand innovation and job-creation against the backdrop of megatrends shaping the global economy, which include rapid urbanization, migration patterns, technological advancements and climate change.

Based on primary research, the project will develop training modules to further civil society efforts aimed at generating more and better jobs in supply chains. The key questions guiding this effort include: How does participation in global supply chains affect employment and working conditions? How does this vary by sector? What regulations govern supply chain integration and worker security? What is required to ensure that supply chain integration meets the goals and needs of different stakeholders: workers, governments and businesses?

Designed and piloted based on initial engagement with grassroots organizations in the Philippines, the collaboration will yield a detailed framework and a step-by-step guide with actionable policy recommendations to strengthen civil society campaigns for just job creation in supply chains.