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    Research in the COVID-19 Context. Adaptive Methods and Ethical Considerations

    The Women, Work, and the Gig Economy research consortium - supported by the International Development Research Centre, Canada (IDRC), coordinated by JustJobs Network - has released a brief on methodological and ethical questions of how to adapt research to the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic.

    by Mukta Naik
    Migration 3 January 2020

    Kishangarh: The Front Lines of India’s Employment, Migration and Urban Challenges

    This research project, of which this city profile is a part, turns its attention to the ‘where’ of the demographic dividend – what kind of geographies are experiencing the transition of youth from agriculture to non-farm work?

    by Mukta Naik, Gregory Randolph
    Migration 18 July 2018

    Migration Junctions in India and Indonesia: Reimagining Places, Reorienting Policy

    JustJobs Network, in collaboration with the Centre for Policy Research, identifies geographies in India and Indonesia that are simultaneously experiencing high levels of in- and out- migration. Beyond mapping these “migration junctions,” the authors suggest what particular policy frameworks may be needed to promote migrant well-being in these contexts.

    by Mukta Naik, Gregory Randolph
    Urbanization 29 April 2016

    The Role of Small Cities in Shaping Youth Employment Outcomes in India and Indonesia

    This research project explores the role of small cities in shaping the employment outcomes of migrant youth – specifically women and those from non-metropolitan backgrounds.

    by Mukta Naik, Gregory Randolph
    Urbanization 4 March 2020

    How Women Negotiate Opportunities in Small Cities

    Cities are often seen as sites of emancipation and freedom for women, as compared to the social restrictions of the village and the hard manual labour of working on the farm. Small cities might not offer the level of freedoms women experience in the metropolis, they do, however, create specific opportunities for young women to access non-farm work. A gender inclusive planning and governance framework is urgently needed to leverage the potential for improving women's work outcomes in these places.

    by Mukta Naik
    Urbanization 25 February 2020

    Small Cities at the Cusp of Multiple Mobilities

    It is already commonly acknowledged in migration studies that instead of one-time long-term movements from one place to another, migration is increasingly complex in pattern and duration. We find that small cities lie at the cusp of multiple mobilities, acting as origin points, destinations as well as transit points for migrant youth.

    by Mukta Naik
    Urbanization 20 February 2020

    Small City Dreaming: Where to Look for the Demographic Dividend

    Lately, policy makers and commentators have questioned whether the "demographic dividend" could turn into a "disaster" as countries struggle to create enough productive jobs for their ballooning youth populations. So far, research has focused less on the geography of the demographic dividend. Where are these young people who seek productive work? Where can their economic potential be fulfilled?

    by Gregory Randolph, Mukta Naik

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