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    Technology 4 November 2019

    Challenging Digital Colonialism: How Can Governments Capture the Value of Data Labor?

    Dr. Bama Athreya, Research Fellow at the Open Society Foundations, considers what's at stake in the commoditization of data and how governments can intervene to protect their citizens' digital rights.

    by Bama Athreya

    Just Jobs and Employing Workers: The Case for a New Index

    Bama Athreya, Senior Specialist, USAID, points out ways in which the JustJobs Index contributes to the debate regarding the relevance of workers' rights in the discussions of "job-rich" growth.

    by Bama Athreya
    Technology 27 November 2019

    It’s Time to Include Workers in Internet Governance

    As the Internet Governance Forum meets in Berlin, Dr. Bama Athreya argues that workers must have a seat at the table.

    by Bama Athreya

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