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      Income and Wages 14 June 2022

      Competitiveness and Resilience through Social Security: Toward a More Inclusive System

      This brief provides an overview of the current state of India's social security system and raises questions about how to best streamline and restructure the current fragmented approach to iteratively move toward universal provision that extends coverage to more people.

      Income and Wages 22 September 2015

      Can Myanmar’s Minimum Wage Avoid the Pitfalls of Bangladesh’s Garment Sector?

      JustJobs Network Research Associate Jit Shankar Banerjee recently published an op-ed in the Myanmar Times proposing key reforms to the incoming government to increase productivity, while ensuring a high minimum wage floor and social protections such as healthcare and pensions.

      by Jit Shankar Banerjee
      Income and Wages 14 September 2015

      Three Rules of Thumb to Raise Wages and Reduce Inequality

      Case studies from Brazil to China, from the United States to Germany, reveal that to square higher wages and competitiveness, governments must adhere to three rules of thumb.

      Income and Wages 10 September 2015

      The Need for Open, Accessible Wage Data

      Given the impact access to data can have, governments around the world have a responsibility to improve their data monitoring capabilities and increase the data that they are sharing with researchers and the public.

      by Amanbir Singh

      Street Vendors Bear the Brunt of Indian Summers

      Policymakers must recognize that the heatwave does not only impact the livelihoods of farmers and daily-wage labourers. Any strategy to mitigate the negative effects of climate change on livelihoods should also incorporate urban street vendors. A first start would be fixing the issues of the 2014 law and ensuring provision of basic facilities.

      by Suhasini Vira
      Income and Wages 16 January 2015

      International Monetary Fund Underscores the Importance of Jobs for Macroeconomic Stability

      A new report by the IMF and Economist Intelligence Unit acknowledges the importance of quality jobs, calling the JustJobs Index a "valuable look at income and employment security and working conditions."

      Income and Wages 29 November 2018

      Working Together for Minimum Wage Setting: Evidence From Myanmar

      From the recent experience in Myanmar, Adithya B. Kumar from CESD and Tanja Matheis from JJN, discuss the process of reaching consensus on minimum wage rates and how research organizations can help to facilitate fact-based decision making among stakeholders.

      by Adithya B. Kumar, Tanja Matheis
      Income and Wages 30 November 2016

      An IMF Agenda for Balancing Efficiency and Equity

      Prakash Loungani, Chief of Development Macroeconomics at the IMF Research Department, writes about the gap in IMF's existing policy framework, with respect to concerns about technology-induced job losses in the short-run, and provides key recommendations aimed at harnessing the long-run benefits of technology adoption.

      by Prakash Loungani
      Income and Wages 11 September 2015

      Global Wage Debates: Politics or Economics?

      The 10-chapter volume examines a rich diversity of wage-related policy issues from around the world: wage inequality in Brazil; minimum wage setting in decentralized Indonesia; the gender dimensions of agricultural wages in India; and the impact of state-level minimum wages in the United States, among other topics.

      by Gregory Randolph, Knut Panknin
      Income and Wages 11 September 2015

      Minimum As Maximum? Wage Policies in the Garment Industries of Select Asian Countries

      This report analyses and contextualizes the wage developments in the garment industry in five Asian countries: Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Vietnam.

      by Julia Mueller, Lukas Bauer

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