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13 February

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Women in the Workforce


10:00AM - 12:00PM

India International Centre

Ravinder Kaur, Diya Dutta, Santosh Mehrotra and Rahul Verma

As part of the JJN and CPR Jobs Initiative, the JustJobs Network and Centre for Policy Research host a public discussion on “Women in the Workforce.”

Every newspaper in the country is littered with stories about the changing jobs landscape. Significant research and discourse have explored the reasons behind falling female labor force participation. But what would happen if the opposite were true? Today, only about a fourth of women are known to be in the labor force, but how would women fare if more of them were to enter the just job-scarce labor market?

Empowering women, cultivating their capacities and harnessing their productive potential will add to economic growth and well-being.  But beyond the supply side, there is also a need to focus on the demand side to improve opportunities and employment experiences for women. 

The organizers will bring together participants to explore these questions and discuss the challenges that women face in the labor market from different perspectives.


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