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31 October


Building Jobs Ground Up: Forging place-based solutions to the jobs crisis

New Delhi, India

About a decade ago, Thomas Friedman pointed toward a ‘flattening world’ with increased global connectivity, making places irrelevant. But this argument is now turning around. Regional inequalities are on the rise in both developed and developing economies, and workers in left-behind places are reasserting local and national identities. Major global transformations – urbanization, climate change, and technological change – carry remarkably different consequences across different communities and labor markets.

Yet governments’ approach to job creation is still “business as usual.” Top-down sector-based growth strategies are implemented by national governments with little attention to the specific needs, assets and problems of individual places. As a result, job creation policies rarely translate effectively on the ground. While more and more policymakers understand that the place-blind approach to job creation is broken, a new model is yet to take its place.

Forging a place-based approach to job creation begins with learning from local experiences, sharing ideas across a transnational network of local leaders, and workshopping specific labor market challenges in real places.

The 2018 JustJobs Network annual event is dedicated to co-creating this model with local leaders from around the world who are seeking to build inclusive, job-rich economies as they confront new realities that are at once local and global.


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