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21 June


Launch of the Just Jobs Index Report and Data Dashboard


10:00AM - 01:00PM

India International Centre

Job creation is one of the most pressing challenges confronting policymaking. Recently released government data confirms that the unemployment rate has ticked up, especially among youth, and millions of Indians remain trapped in low-productivity jobs with poverty wages, or stuck in subsistence self-employment with little prospect for economic mobility.

India’s leaders have staked their hopes on a “demographic dividend” to sustain the country’s economic growth and deliver shared prosperity, but that opportunity will be lost unless labor market conditions change dramatically, and fast.

As a new government prepares to confront the massive challenge creating “just jobs” – productive employment with commensurate compensation and scope for economic mobility – the JustJobs Network (JJN) launched an innovative new data-driven tool to measuring the quantity and quality of jobs in India: The State-level Just Jobs Index (S-JJI). The S-JJI for India, developed with support from Azim Premji University, was publicly released on 21 June 2019. This report is accompanied by a data dashboard available at www.justjobs.network/index that makes the index methodology and construction completely transparent, empowering the public to play around with the data.


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