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25 February

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JJN shares Index at IMF roundtable in Morocco


10:00 hrs

OCP Policy Center. Rabat, Morocco.

JustJobs Network Executive Director Sabina Dewan shared the results of the JustJobs Index (JJI) with government officials in Morocco at a roundtable hosted by the OCP Policy Center. The roundtable was initiated to discuss findings of the International Jobs Report prepared by the IMF, Economist Intelligence Unit and OCP Policy Center. The International Jobs Report, has cited the JustJobs Index as avaluable look at income and employment security and working conditions.”

Ms. Dewan described Morocco’s rapid gains on JJI indicators like public expenditure on social protections and GDP per capita. She also pointed out that recent political developments in the country – for example, landmark reforms to Morocco’s constitution to increase women’s legal rights – may have a positive impact in the future on JJI indicators that measure gender parity in the labor market.

Ms. Dewan was also spoke to participants at an advanced training session on understanding labor markets, that was facilitated by the OCP Policy Center.

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