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19 January

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JJN joins consultation on fair wages in the seed supply chain

Hyderabad, India

There are over 144 million wage laborers in agriculture in India who, on average, earn about $3-$4 per person per day. They need higher wages and stronger safety nets to make a permanent exit from poverty.

This reality motivated a convening held by the Fair Labor Association and Syngenta in Hyderabad, India, which aimed to discuss strategies for ensuring that all workers in the hybrid seed supply chain are paid minimum wages. The organizers invited JustJobs Network along with other key stakeholders and civil society organizations working on agricultural livelihoods.

The meeting was attended by seed companies, government officials, civil society organizations, representatives from the International Labor Organization, producers, and other stakeholders.

JustJobs Network’s Tanvir Malik presented research on wages in the agricultural sector, examining key trends in the transition from subsistence to commercial farms and the coinciding movement toward wage labor in agriculture. His presentation further analyzed ’emerging best practices’ in ensuring better wages for agricultural workers, proposing roles for the state, buyers, and grassroots organizations.


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