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30 March


 Photo credit: AmelieNewyork

India’s Quest for a Job-rich Economy

New Delhi, India

The JustJobs Network, in partnership with the Royal Norwegian Embassy in New Delhi, will host a stimulating roundtable conference on India’s quest for a job-rich economy, as it navigates the challenges and opportunities of 21st century transformations. The event will convene international delegates from the G20 working group meetings in Varanasi, India, eminent researchers, and Norwegian embassy officials.

Guiding the discussion will be the key question: How is India’s economy faring in terms of providing quality employment for its growing population, especially against the backdrop of the major demographic, technological and urban transformations that are underway?

Distinguished speakers, including Dr. Partha Mukhopadhyay from the Centre for Policy Research, Dr. Santosh Mehrotra from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, and Ms. Sabina Dewan of the JustJobs Network, will unpack the “jobless growth” narrative to enable a deeper understanding of the Indian economy. The goal is to urge thought leaders examining different trends in India – from technology to migration to urbanization – to look at these transformations through a labor market lens.

This event is part of JustJobs’s Network’s campaign to provide research, insight, and innovative policy solutions on the 21st century transformations shaping the world of work. Read more about the Transformations in Work campaign here.


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