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22 February


 Photo credit : ILO

Global Value Chains: Inclusive Industrialization and Co-Governance

Washington D.C.,U.S.

The JustJobs Network and the Global Works Foundation, in partnership with the U.S. Department of State, will host thought leaders from business, labor, government, academia, and non-governmental and international organizations for a roundtable conversation on transformations in global value chains and the new challenges that accompany them. To be held on February 22 in Washington D.C., the event will focus on themes of inclusive industrialization and co-governance in the context of global value chains.

An increasingly diverse set of countries around the world is looking to stake a claim in global value chains. The organization of production into increasingly complex supply chains has moved much faster than the ability of public, private and civil society institutions to govern them. How is integration into global value chains affecting employment and working conditions in the 21st century, and what are various stakeholders, especially private sector players, doing to tackle the challenges that confront them?

On the other hand, co-governance, which is a sustainable and replicable approach to labor relations in countries lacking adequate Rule of Law and good governance, is gaining traction in the dialogue on global value chains.  This approach seeks to advance both the welfare of workers and the competitive interest of business, along with building capacity for productive and constructive problem solving. What constitutes an effective co-governance model? Can it help businesses, labor and government stakeholders actively engage with each other and solve employment challenges across the globe, including those in global value chains?

These key questions, which will be discussed at the event, also inform JustJobs Network’s ongoing research on how participation in global value chains affects the quantity and quality of employment in Southeast Asia.


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